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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Time control Skills

Today is the only time available to save the exciting activities that can bring you closer to reaching your goals. The experiences of yesterday, however, yield important lessons for successful living today, and the future holds the promise of growth and exciting success. Both are important to your success, but the most important objective is to live life in the present.

* Prioritize. One use of time that frequently inhibits productivity is doing things that don't advance important goals. List your tasks each day and prioritize them according to their importance to your success. Then, focus on your most important tasks first.

*Examine your attitude. If you wish to improve your efficiency and productivity, you must begin by examining your attitude. Determine which attitudes are productive and which are not. Design a plan to change unproductive attitudes or to modify your behavior so that you can become more productive and successful.

* Give yourself a change. Often, good ideas go down the drain merely because no one takes the time to explain them to others, believing "it's no use, they won't ever agree or try it." Time spent in presenting a new idea and gaining its acceptance is always time well spent.

* Think of time as money. Identifying 30 minutes you waste every day and spending it productively will add the equivalent of 22 eight-hour work days to your time every year. Think what this would mean to productivity.

Let me know what's your idea.


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