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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

try out.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Debate Over Armor Hero Emperor


Today was the memorial third week that I started playing Armor Hero Online. The effects have the game's VIP system is incredibly attractive to some fools who are willing to spend actual cash to obtain the most powerful character in the game. I am not one of these lulus. The fact that many people can be cheated of their money because of a virtual videogame character from cyber space amuses me. Why do you need such a good character? Here is one of the boss stats I found on the internet:
Mutant Sea Cucumber
level 25
hp 400
damadge 10

See??? These boss characters are so weak, you can beat them up without even transforming into an Armor Hero! So, if that is the case, why do you need to buy the most powerful character anyway? Are you going to prevent being bakas who cashed in tons of moolah for a virtual character ever? Please! Don't fall into the trap made the game websites that own Armor Hero OL! Remeber, be smart. Don't, I repeat, Don't fall into their trap!!!

P.S. While the debate/warning above is completely made of facts, the author of this article strongly urge you to play Armor Hero OL. He thinks it is a great game.

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

The beauty of Santa Cruz

Monarch Butterfly Natural Preserve
The park's Monarch Grove provides a temporary home for over 100,000 Monarchs each winter. From mid-October through the end of February, the Monarchs form a "city in the trees." The areas mild ocean air and eucalyptus grove provide a safe roost until spring. In the spring and summer, the butterflies live in the valley regions west of the Rocky Mountains where milkweed, the only plant a Monarch caterpillar eats, is plentiful.

The Monarch Grove has been declared a Natural Preserve, thus protecting the Monarchs and their winter habitat from human encroachment or harm. This is the only State Monarch Preserve in California. Access to the preserve area is limited to a handicap accessible boardwalk and observation area.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Chinese Zodiac

The Year of the Rat
By Wong Yee Lee

1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996

You are a humorous and you are always appreciated by others because of your acute observation. You are very keen at work and very thoughtful to the opposite sex. People born in the Year of the Rat are noted for their charm. You work hard to achieve your goals, to acquire possessions, and you are often a perfectionist. You are basically thrifty with money. Rat people are easily angered and love to gossip. Your ambitions are big, and they are usually very successful.

In your childhood, your busy lives always allow you to fully utilize your intelligence and patience. You are grown up in an affluent environment and never need to worry about being jobless, though you may easily be tempted to change jobs. You may have to face a huge failure in your middle-age, and yet things will go well afterwards. What is more, you can enjoy a rich old age. However, you have to be careful about any possible kidney illnesses.

Rat’s best match
Dragon, Monkey, Ox
These are your best matches and you can both enjoy life to the full.

Rat’s bad match
Ram, Horse, Rabbit
You will have to be ready to face challenges and difficulties in life together which may result in family separation.

The following occupations best suit the Rat personality.

Famous Rats
Prince Charles, William Shakespeare, Marlon Brando, Tolstoi, Jimmy Carter, Vaness Redgrave, Mozart, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Prince Andrew

The Year of the Ox
By Wong Yee Lee

1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997

You are a humorous and you are always appreciated by others because of your acute observer. You are very keen at work and very thoughtful to your opposite sex. People born in the Year of the Ox are patient, speak little, and inspire confidence in others. They tend, however, to be eccentric, and bigoted, and they anger easily. You have a fierce temper and although speak little, when you do you are quite eloquent. Ox people are mentally and physically alert. Generally easy-going, you can be remarkably stubborn, and you hate to fail or be opposed.

You grow up in an ever-changing environment. Because of this, you are trained to have a sense of strong independence and you are ready for any hardships in life. Approaching mid-forties, if you can control your belief that you are the only best, you will have a second chance to lead your life to a favourable future and enjoy a peaceful old age.

Ox’s best match
Rat, Snake, Rooster

Ox’s bad match
Dragon, Dog, Ram

The following occupations best suit the Ox personality.

Famous Oxs
Frank Bruno, Napolean Bonaparte, Peter Sellers, Paul Newman, Bach, Robert Redford, Jane Fonda, Walt Disney, Meryl Streep, adolf Hitler, Margaret Thatcher.

The Year of the Tiger
By Wong Yee Lee

1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998

You are strong-minded and very active. You have the ability to be a good leader. However, because of your character, you can easily lose your name and status when you face difficulties and challenges. Tiger people are sensitive, given to deep thinking, capable of great sympathy. You can be extremely short-tempered, however. Other people have great respect for you. Sometimes Tiger people cannot make up their minds, which can result in a poor, hasty decision or a sound decision arrived at too late. You are suspicious of others, but you are courageous and powerful.

You are courageous and decisive. You have the ability to be successful when you are young. But you should be careful not to become selfish and snatch from others’ success. When you reach middle-age, you will have a chance to further become successful depending on your hard work in your early years; otherwise, you will see your loss in complicated social relationships. Tiger people are suitable for working in the public services. Be aware of respiratory and digestive problems.

Tiger’s best match
Horse, Dog
You will have both the status and wealth and you both can lead abundance of offspring as you wish.

Tiger’s bad match
Snake, Monkey
You both may end of with lots of arguments which will cause huge loneliness and possibly also illnesses.

The following occupations best suit the Tiger personality.

Famous Tigers
Oscar Wilde, Princess Anne, Agatha Christie, Beethoven, Marilyn Monroe, Marie Curie, Karl Marx, Charles de Gaulle, Charles Lindbergh.

The Year of the Rabbit
By Wong Yee Lee

1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999

You are elegant and humorous. You are a good socialite. People born in the Year of the Rabbit are articulate, talented, and ambitious. Rabbit people are admired, trusted, and are often financially lucky. You are fond of gossip but are tactful and generally kind. You seldom lose your temper. You are clever at business and being conscientious, you never back out of a contract. You would make a good gambler for you have the uncanny gift of choosing the right thing. However, you seldom gamble, as you are conservative and wise.

You are appreciated by your boss in all situations. When you reach middle-age, remember to be practical in everything you do, then you will have a secure and stable old age.

Rabbit’s best match
Ram, Dog, Pig
You will be a successful match if you are honest and true to everything you do.

Rabbit’s bad match
Rat, Horse, Dragon, Rooster
You both will have to face difficulties in family and career which result in many hardships and maybe disasters.

The following occupations best suit the Rabbit personality.

Famous Rabbits
Prince Albert, Eva Peron, Queen Victoria, David Frost, Confucius, Orson Welles.

The Year of the Dragon
By Wong Yee Lee

1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000

You are a happy nature and active socialite. You can develop interests easily. Your disadvantage is you can also easily lose your interests. People born in the Year of the Dragon are healthy, energetic, excitable, short-tempered, and stubborn. You are also honest, sensitive, brave, and inspire confidence and trust. Dragon people are the most eccentric of any in the eastern zodiac. You neither borrow money nor make flowery speeches, but you tend to be soft-hearted which sometimes gives others an advantage over you.

Most of you are very welcome in society though it may not be the same in the family. Entering middle-age, you need to be careful about unnecessary ambitions because they will break your name and status. What you need to do is to overcome your ambitions and reach your target step by step. You are best in the education field.

Dragon’s best match
Rat, Monkey, Cock
Your match allows you to establish what you need but you need to work hard and step by step to reach it. Then, you can enjoy a rich and peaceful old life.

Dragon’s bad match
Ox, Rabbit, Dog, Dragon
You will have a very complicated family network which will result in a very troubled and unlucky life.

The following occupations best suit the Dragon personality.

Famous Dragons
Harold Wilson, Joan of Arc, George Bernard Shaw, Martin Luther King, Lewis Carroll, Cary Grant, Floerence Nightingale, Jimmy Connors, Cliff Richard, Ringo Starr, Prince Edward.

The Year of the Snake
By Wong Yee Lee

1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001

Your confidence in yourself doesn’t allow you to be affected by others. Because of this, you may blindly depend on some people at times. Yet you are also a suspicious person. People born in the Year of the Snake are deep. You say little and possess great wisdom. You are often quite vain, selfish, and a bit stingy. Yet you have tremendous sympathy for others and try to help those less fortunate. Snake people tend to overdo, since they have doubts about other people's judgment and prefer to rely on themselves. Although calm on the surface, you are intense and passionate. Snake people are usually good-looking and sometimes have martial problems because they are fickle.

Because of your protective upbringing, you will change jobs when you find it too demanding and you may not be loyal to just one partner. In your middle-age, you need to make clear your objective and work hard for it in order to succeed. You are suitable for more exciting types of jobs.

Snake’s best match
Ox, Rooster
You and your partner possess both the wit and courage, which will enable you to become successful.

Snake’s bad match
Tiger, Monkey, Pig
There won’t be many hardships and failures in your family side. However you may not have a close enough relationship with your partner and offspring.

The following occupations best suit the Rooster personality.

Famous Rats
Mahatma Gandhi, Charles darwin, Abhram Linclon, Bob Dylan, J.F.kennedy, Mao Tse-tung, Aristotle and Jacquelin Onassis.

The Year of the Horse
By Wong Yee Lee

1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002

You can think and act quick. A very happy natured person and respectful to your seniors. People born in the Year of the Horse are popular. You are cheerful, skillful with money, and perceptive, although sometimes talk too much. You are wise, talented, good with your hands, and sometimes have a weakness for members of the opposite sex. You are impatient and hot-blooded about everything except your daily work. You like entertainment and large crowds. You are very independent and rarely listen to advice.

You are a typical action type of people. When once you have the target, you will work hard to reach it. If you can maintain this nature and become patient and mature in your middle-age, you will be successful. You are suitable for work in fields of art and education. Be aware of heart diseases.

Horse’s best match
Tiger, Goat, Dog
You can be respectful to each other. Because of this, you will have a good family with abundance of offspring in your life.

Horse’s bad match
Rat, Ox, Rabbit, Horse
Entering middle-age, you will start to become fragile. Hardships and family problems will start to approach you.

The following occupations best suit the Horse personality.

Famous Horses
Muhammad Ali, Lenin, Fredrick Chopin, Clint Eastwood, Barbara Streisand, Jimmie Hendrix, Genghis Khan, Isaac Newton, Pierre Corneille,Thomas Edison, Ingmar Bergman, Clint Eastwood.

The Year of the Ram
By Wong Yee Lee

1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003

You are very thoughtful and dedicated and deep into things. Because of this, you may be a bit too worried and may not be as efficient as necessary. People born in the Year of Ram are elegant and highly accomplished in the arts. You are often shy, pessimistic, and puzzled about life. Ram people are usually deeply religious, yet timid by nature. Sometimes clumsy in speech, you are always passionate about what you do and what you believe in. Ram people never have to worry about having the best in life for their abilities make money for them, and they are able to enjoy the creature comforts that they like.

Although you may have a stable young life, in ten years time, you may end up with illnesses. There is a good chance for you to become successful in your middle-age. Because of your determination, you can receive a high status and good wealth. Be aware of digestive problems.

Ram’s best match
Rabbit, Horse, Pig
Because of the compatible nature of you both, you can achieve as much as you want to.

Ram’s bad match
Rat, Ox, Dog
It is possible that you may lose your spouse or offspring.

The following occupations best suit the Ram personality.

Famous Rams
Billie Jean King, Robert de Niro, Rudolph Valentino, John Wayne, Arthur Ashe, Laurence Olivier, Mikhail Gorbachev.

The Year of the Monkey
By Wong Yee Lee

1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004

You are full of talents and witty. You possess strong will. You are kind-hearted and very friendly to others. People born in the Year of the Monkey are the erratic geniuses of the cycle. Clever, skillful, and flexible, you are remarkably inventive and original and can solve the most difficult problems with ease. You want to do things now, and if they cannot get started immediately, you become discouraged and sometimes leave your projects. Although good at making decisions, you tend to look down on others. Having common sense, Monkey people have a deep desire for knowledge and have excellent memories.

You are quick in thoughts and nice to others. Because of this, you can be appreciated by others even when you are young. And yet because you are ambitious, you may lose what you have achieved. You are more suitable for selling and promoting jobs. Be aware of problems in your joints.

Monkey’s best match
Rat, Dragon
Difficulties will stay away from you and you will have a prosperous family and career life.

Monkey’s bad match
Tiger, Snake, Pig
You will have huge problems when young which will end up in huge illnesses and trouble. But once you can get through that, you can have a peaceful old life.

The following occupations best suit the Monkey personality.

Famous Monkeys
Michael Caine, Johhny Cash, Bjorn Borg, ian Fleming, Charles Dickens, Bob Marley, Peter O' Toole, Rod Stewart, Diana Ross, Mick Jagger, Elizabeth Taylor.

The Year of the Rooster
By Wong Yee Lee

1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005

You can stick to the rules and enthusiastic to your job. You pay attention to your outlook and you can make a meaningful group of friends.
People born in the Year of the Rooster are deep thinkers, capable, and talented. You like to be busy and are devoted beyond your capabilities and are deeply disappointed if you fail. People born in the Rooster Year are often a bit eccentric, and often have rather difficult relationships with others. You always think they are right and usually are! Rooster people's emotions like their fortunes, swing very high to very low. You can be selfish and too outspoken, but are always interesting and can be extremely brave.

When you are young, you love to be free and hate all limitations. So you will change jobs as you wish. Entering into your twenties, you will start to be more settled. When you get to your forties, it will be your golden age to fully develop your talents. You are more suitable in business fields. Be aware of not practising a balanced diet.

Rooster’s best match
Ox, Dragon, Snake
Because of your match, you will enjoy a life which will benefit not only to yourself but also your family and offspring.

Rooster’s bad match
Rabbit, Rooster, Dog
You don’t have good relationship with your family but there is no disastrous match in your marriage.

The following occupations best suit the Rooster personality.

Famous Rats
Katherine Hepburn, Richard Wagner, Joan Collins, Dolly Parton, Binaca Jagger.

The Year of the Dog
By Wong Yee Lee

1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006

You are a responsible and conservative person. Because of your stubbornness, you find it hard to accept others’ opinions. You possess the best traits of human nature. You have a deep sense of loyalty, are honest, and inspire other people's confidence because you know how to keep secrets. But Dog People are somewhat selfish, terribly stubborn, and eccentric. You care little for wealth, yet somehow always seem to have money. You can be cold emotionally and sometimes distant at parties. You can find fault with many things and are noted for your sharp tongue. Dog people make good leaders.

Although you can be the heart of your department, you will always have arguments with your boss. This will make you lose all what you have hard-earned.

Dog’s best match
Tiger, Rabbit, Horse
Because of the good match, you will have the luck and respect from others. As a result, your family will be benefit from it too.

Dog’s bad match
Ox, Dragon, Goat, Cock
It will be a difficult life for you and your partner, particularly financial-wise.

The following occupations best suit the Dog personality.

Famous Dogs
Winston Churchill, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Madonna, Sophia Loren, Sylvester Stallone.

The Year of the Pig
By Wong Yee Lee

1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007

Most of the pigs are determined and full of love and yet sometimes they lack the necessary will to consider thoroughly enough on things. People born in the Year of the Pig are chivalrous and gallant. For Pig Year people, there is no left or right and there is no retreat. You have tremendous fortitude and great honesty. Pig people don't make many friends but they make them for life, and anyone having a Pig Year friend is fortunate for they are extremely loyal. You don't talk much but have a great thirst for knowledge. You study a great deal and are generally well informed. You are quick tempered, yet they hate arguments. No matter how bad problems seem to be, Boar people try to work them out, honestly if sometimes impulsively.

You are not happy with your family when you are young though you still respect and love your parents. You are conceited and so you always put yourself in a disadvantageous position. You can fully utilize your talents after reaching middle-age. Be aware of respiratory and digestive problems.

Pig’s best match
Goat, Rabbit
Your match allows luck to be with you very often, which will benefit your offspring too.

Pig’s bad match
Snake, Monkey, Pig
Though you can have some good times with your family, very often you have thin luck with your family members and relatives.

The following occupations best suit the Pig personality.

Famous Pigs
Tennessee Williams, Maria Callas, Henry Ford, Humphrey Bogart, Ronald Reagan, Elton John, Jerry Lee Lewis.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The beautly of Guangxi - China 4

The beautly of Guangxi - China 3

The beautly of Guangxi - China 2

The beautly of Guangxi -China

Monday, August 15, 2005

Capital Budgeting

Capital Budgeting is the process by which the firm decides which long-term investments to make. Capital Budgeting projects, i.e., potential long-term investments, are expected to generate cash flows over several years. The decision to accept or reject a Capital Budgeting project depends on an analysis of the cash flows generated by the project and its cost. It can usually fall into one of four categories:
(1) the replacement of existing assets with like assets;
(2) the substitution of cost-reducing assets for existing assets;
(3) the expansion of productive capacity
(4) strategic investments.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Find Local Car dealer (new and used cars)

Following are few websites i found for local car dealers: both free.
It's suitable for both new and used cars. good luck.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Anna's Tip #3: Designing the look of your site

Templates determine the look of your site, or of different sections of your site. If you go to the Template page of your admin (Site -> Template Manager -> Site Templates), you will see a few templates listed. Try clicking on one (the buttons to the far left, not the template name) and then clicking the “default” icon in the toolbar. Then browse to your site to see how the template changed the look of your site.

What is a Template? Templates are sets of files that determine the look of your site. The main file is “index.php,” which includes html code for layout elements like tables, your logo, etc, and inserts php code for dynamic elements. The next most important file is the style sheet or css file, which determines fonts, colors, and borders for each element in the site.

Check out this visual of your “index.php” file:

“header.jpg” is your logo. “body” is a block that will contain content. The orange blocks in the figure are Positions, which you can place in table cells. Remember that these Positions can contain any number of modules, and those modules can be turned on and off . (Imagine that in the “top” position you have a search module and a date module, for example, and in the “left” position you have a menu and a login.) When you make a template, you’re just setting aside the space on the page by inserting a position. The positions are placed in the table cells of your website with php code that looks like this:

The style sheet. Your template also has a style sheet that controls the fonts, colors, borders, etc. of each element of the page. Here are some explanations of the naming convention:
for download -
on the web -
with visuals -

Well, that’s the basic explanation of templates. The following are specific instructions on downloading or designing templates:

Downloading templates. I haven’t used other people’s templates, but I’m sure there are lots of places you can get them. Start at

Designing templates. Absalom Media has a good tutorial on designing templates here:
If you want to design your own and use Dreamweaver, I recommend this tutorial: It will guide you through downloading a Dreamweaver extension that allows you to design templates there. It also recommends you download MSAS, the Mambo Stand Alone Server, which essentially puts a mini-server with MySQL & Apache right on your computer so that you can see your template before uploading it to the web. Another even more detailed step-by-step tutorial is at: (thanks jetzkr8!).
(Note: some of these tutorials are for 4.5.1. If you come across a more current or better or shorter tutorial, please let me know!)

Now that you’ve got a template, we’re going to put some modules in the positions you just created.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Is this true or false

Monday, July 25, 2005

Buying car Tips - Insurance

To find the Cheapest car insurance as well as other insurance information , check with my other post.

For Canadian and British, check the bottom.

Normally save 10%.

Good luck.

Buying Car Tips- Finance

Finance a car is very important. If you can bargain $1000 off the MSRP, you can also give them back by finance the wrong way.

How much can you finance:
Your car’s OTD price should be equal or less than your annual gross income. Ex. If you are going to have a $30000 car, you better make at least $30,000 per year. Don’t forget you still need 20% down.

Example is an IS300 new. $30000 OTD. Purchasing interest is 3.9% for 60 payments.

You pay $30000 for the car and you drive it home. It is easy. You can also save money on insurance. I bet most people wont save money on insurance anyway.

My suggested down payment is 20% which is $6000. Most people who can pay cash are having good credit. The rest $24000 will be paid in 60 payments at $441. If you invest this $24000 wisely, you will have return at 5% (easy) comes $30801. Your total car payment in 5 years will be $264000. The difference is what you actually can save. This is very basic calculation. The rule is not to put all the cash into something that does not write off tax and does not have good future value.

$0 down is never to be a good option. You are financing the destination fee and tax which is have nothing to do with the car. When lender look at your loan structure, they more you put down more you will be able to get good deal. At some extreme conditions such as the car have high depreciation rate, your best move is to put less down but never to be $0.

To some economic cars, 10% is a good starting point, since it is a $15000 car lender will not be so excited about it.

If you just graduate from College or about to graduate in next 4 months, you can take advantage at a program for college graduates. You can receive up to $1000 cash towards down and lower interest. If you are in Army Services, there will be a program for you as well.

First time buyer:
There are lots of financial institute will finance a first time buyer especially a credit union. If you can show a good income and a good employment history, you can be financed. A big chunk of down payment will be very helpful. If you have an approval letter from a credit union for $24000 at 9.9% per year for 5 years. You are very likely to get same loan for 7.9% at dealer. Manufactory’s finance will normally beat banks for 2% to earn your business.

Debit to income ratio:
It is a number that bank will look at when you finance a car and house. It is your total monthly payment (credit cars, cars and mortgage or rent) / monthly earning before income tax. I prefer doing by monthly net income.

Your car is supposed to be ¼ and less of your monthly cash income to cover everything. Your mortgage supposes to be 1/3 of your gross income. This ratio is also a factor that decides your interest rate.

Home equity loan:
It is a loan that is against the equity of the house. It is the second loan right next to your house. It normally have a very low interest and very flexible to pay off like a credit card. You can extend the pay period as long as you can and pay interest only. The down side is if you can not make the payment, lender can take your house away. So my accounting suggested me that never do that. You don’t want to risk your house just because your car stuff.

Summery, most cars does not worth much money after 5 years. 7 years later your car will be history. So don’t put too much money on the car. Most people replace new cars in 3 year or before the car paid off. It is not a very wise idea.
From, writter:CarCrazier

Buying Car Tips- Lease

This is the summary of my car buy TIPs. These information was reposted together to help people who want to buy a new car from beginning. Some information can be also helpful when you want to have a used car as well.

Chapter One: Research

Research your financial ability to afford a car. Including credit, cash and finance cost. I also like to include insurance into the budget since it is almost a fixed cost.

Research the car or SUV you would like to get based on how you want to use it and your affordability.

Get a loan calculator that will help you figure out dealer’s finance tricks. Dealer will think you are serious and not want to mess with you.

Chapter Two: Sales & Sales manager & Dealer

Dealer is a location where you can acquire your car. More cars one the lot will cost dealer money for insurance, bank interests, maintenance and other invisible costs. So you are doing them a favor. Dealer make money on car’s price, Service (major), used car (2nd Major) and commission for your loan. Dealer will not sale a car because they want to loss money. You can not beat that.

Sales are the bottom of the food chain. They rely on your business. Sales can make little money $100 or little more to sale a new car or $500 or more to sale a used car. Their commission can be increased because internal bonus (weekend, month end, season end annual end, quantity.) If a sales person can sale X amount cars per week, he will receive a bonus. Sales get more bonuses on cars that sale at extremely high price. Special marked cars (normally stay on lot more than 4 weeks.). The best time for you to buy a car is end of week, month or year. Sales can not offer you a price without asking for sales manager.

Sales manager is the boss behind sales person. They can make deal give you free stuff. He has extensive sales experience and makes money on quantity not on individual deals. He is the person you want to watch out for.

Chapter Three: Psychological Games

1. Test Drive. The test drive is to create a invisible emotion relationship between the car and you. Most buyers can not find problems just by a 5-10 mins test drive.

2. Pick Sales. You don’t have to make deal with a sales walked to your car. Pick a sales person yourself. Stay away from Asian, Female or elderly sales person. Best bet is walk to a young white sales person who looks nervous. He will work for you.

3. Be polite. Polite people always welcome. Buy sales manager and sales person a soda can put them into a very strange position. If you drank a soda which pay by the sales person, can you just walk away from him?

4. Walk Away. This is the best weapon. When I say walk away, you have to stand up from a chair and walking towards the door. Don’t let sales stop you unless you have a taste of a fresh air from the lot. Don’t even hesitate to leave the dealer. They will call you back in 3 days most time. If not, then find another dealership and make your offer more realistic.

Chapter Four: Loan

You want to have 20% total price down to get a loan with good rate. (Assume your credit score is over 650.)
The best way is to get a approval letter from a local bank which you opened account for last 3 years. You make dealer to beat that deal.
Best length for the loan is easy finance 60 payments with no prepayment penalty. If you have good credit the best way is to purchase the car vs. lease.

Chapter Five Lease

Lease is for people who is first time buyer or just need a car for 3 years. If you get good credit your lease interests will be higher than purchasing interests. Disadvantage about lease is that you can only run certain miles on the car in the lease period and you can not have major scratch on the car either.
If you a first time buyer and have to enter a car you don’t like much, pick a short term lease.

Here is one of the link Short term leases - no money down! can compare the lease.

Thank you for reading these. I will post something about finance later.

From, writter:CarCrazier

The best beautiful birds in the world