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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Debate Over Armor Hero Emperor


Today was the memorial third week that I started playing Armor Hero Online. The effects have the game's VIP system is incredibly attractive to some fools who are willing to spend actual cash to obtain the most powerful character in the game. I am not one of these lulus. The fact that many people can be cheated of their money because of a virtual videogame character from cyber space amuses me. Why do you need such a good character? Here is one of the boss stats I found on the internet:
Mutant Sea Cucumber
level 25
hp 400
damadge 10

See??? These boss characters are so weak, you can beat them up without even transforming into an Armor Hero! So, if that is the case, why do you need to buy the most powerful character anyway? Are you going to prevent being bakas who cashed in tons of moolah for a virtual character ever? Please! Don't fall into the trap made the game websites that own Armor Hero OL! Remeber, be smart. Don't, I repeat, Don't fall into their trap!!!

P.S. While the debate/warning above is completely made of facts, the author of this article strongly urge you to play Armor Hero OL. He thinks it is a great game.

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