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Monday, July 04, 2005

Google employee blogs,

In case you're looking for some Google employee blogs, here is a list:

  1. Alma Whitten: general computer
    security, and usability and user centered design for computer security (HCISec)

  2. Adam Bosworth

  3. Ben Goodger: Firefox
    lead engineer

  4. Biz Stone: Blogger Senior Specialist

  5. Bo Cowgill

  6. Bret Taylor

  7. Chris DiBona: Open Source
    Program Manager

  8. Colin Smith

  9. Darin Fisher: Firefox
    lead engineer

  10. Dave Barr

  11. Devinoch: Adwords Representative

  12. Doe Mountain

  13. Douwe Osinga: Search Engineer
    (Google's European Engineering Office)

  14. Eric Case (Blogger)

  15. Graham Waldon (Blogger

  16. Greg Rae: Log Analyzer

  17. Greg Stein: Engineering Manager

  18. Jason Shellen: Program Manager

  19. Jeremy Lilley: Software Engineer
  20. Joe Beda: Software developer
    in Seattle

  21. John Hawkins

  22. Joseph

  23. Josh MacDonald

  24. Kenny Smith

  25. Kevin Fox: User Interface Designer

  26. Kimbalina: Contractor-to-hire

  27. Mark Ayzenshtat

  28. Mark Jen (at San Francisco)

  29. Natala Menezes: Account Manager
  30. Nelson Minar:
    Web API Engineer

  31. Oliver Deighton

  32. Ovidiu Predescu
  33. Paul Watson: information security

  34. Paul Haahr: Software Engineer

  35. Sanjay G. Mavinkurve

  36. Tan Chade-Meng: Software

  37. Wesley Chan: Product Manager/Staff

  38. Will McNair

copy from Olivier Duffez's blog


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